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Allbirds is a sustainable sneaker brand that's loved by celebrities and shoppers alike for its supportive and breathable shoes. Known for its Tree Dasher sneakers, it's attracted fans like Mila Kunis (who has been wearing the shoes consistently since 2018), Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, and Blake Lively. Now, that list is likely to rack up even more A-list names thanks to the brand's latest launch — a lightweight running sneaker that can help you run faster. Boot Shoe Tree

Allbirds Launched Its Lightest Running Shoe Yet

According to a press release, its Allbirds' Tree Flyers are the lightest running shoes in its lineup. Made with a new foam midsole that's 25 percent more responsive than tech found in Kunis' preferred Tree Dashers, the shoe promises to be bouncy, which will help you move more efficiently. The sleek shoes have flared heels for extra support as well as a grippy traction pattern on the soles. And just like its predecessors, the knit upper is made with eucalyptus fibers, which means the sneaker is airy and will keep your feet cool.

The Tree Flyers come in five colors including black, gray, yellow, orange, and beige, and are available in half-sizes for both men and women.

The brand says the shoe has been tested for over a year by more that 115 runners. If you're wondering how good Allbirds' running shoes are, nearly 300 shoppers have left the Tree Dashers a five-star rating. Customers say they're "lighter" and have a "better grip" than other brands like Brooks, and are even comfortable enough to wear on "long work days." One shopper who wore the shoes on a trip to Europe said it was the "best call," considering they're "very comfortable and got me through eight days of 20,000+ steps."

Now imagine all that, but in a shoe that's even more lightweight and durable. Snag the Tree Flyers in your favorite color before they're gone — and don't be surprised when you see them on celeb feet soon.

Allbirds Launched Its Lightest Running Shoe Yet

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