Choosing the Right Protective Workwear for Your Manufacturing Facility -- Occupational Health & Safety

What factors do you need to consider when selecting workwear?

Safety is a top priority in any manufacturing facility. In fact, safety acts as the foundation to help you achieve the desired profits and productivity. Summer Coverall

Choosing the Right Protective Workwear for Your Manufacturing Facility -- Occupational Health & Safety

Due to the different settings in the manufacturing environment, employees can come into contact with harsh objects and substances that can harm them in different ways. Therefore, the right protective workwear comes in handy for keeping workers safe from potential contamination and hazards in their everyday operations. Below are more details on the different types of protective clothing and the factors to consider when selecting them.

Employees need different protective clothing depending on the hazards in their environment. Here are the essentials that workers in manufacturing plants should have.

Eyewear. Statistics show that over 2,000 individuals suffer eye injuries daily in the workplace, and up to 90 percent of these injuries are preventable with eye protection. In many manufacturing environments, there is a high risk of airborne particles, chemical gasses, molten metal, vapors and other flying debris getting into your eyes.

Workers should wear eyewear that fits comfortably and is close to the eye to prevent injuries that can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision. Some protective eyewear can include welding shields, spectacles and safety goggles.

Breathing masks. Many manufacturing facilities deal with toxic substances in different processes, and the air may contain contaminants such as dust, sprays and fumes. Workers should wear breathing masks to prevent possible respiratory problems. Workers may need simple paper masks or more complex respirators, depending on a specific facility or process.

Gloves. Workers' hands and fingers are often at a higher risk of coming into contact with corrosive substances and toxic chemicals used in manufacturing. Depending on the environment, gloves offer protection against bacteriological risks, splashes from chemicals, thermal burns, vibrations and cuts by sharp objects.

Hard hats. Although hard hats are common in construction, they are essential in manufacturing plants. They protect workers from getting hit by something heavy falling on their head, causing injury, concussion, or even brain damage. Nowadays, you can find different designs and even select several options, such as a comfortable sweatband and an adjustable interior harness.

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Choosing the Right Protective Workwear for Your Manufacturing Facility -- Occupational Health & Safety

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